Sunday, March 23, 2008


I like 'em. They're yummy and fruity and and fall into your face if you don't eat 'em with a spoon. Woohoo!

I should probably figure out the schedule for this shenanigan (hehe, funny word), but it would help if my grandparents even knew their own flight pattern! (*nudge nudge**elbow elbow*).

But in general, it goes something like this-

NZ 3/18-4/1
America? Sometime in April. I hate, hate, hate! Vague plans. Which I'll need to get used to.
NZ again until sometime in August/September.

Poopy. (Fear my oh-so-mature and dirty language)

We went and saw Kees and Joss today again. And I had a smoothie. It had a bunch of purple-ish bubbles. Grandparents also went to a Jack Johnson concert last night (definitely not my preference) and I went down the street to Scottie and Gill's house. They've got three adorable little boys. Jack, Lachie, and Thomas (Almost 6, 4, and 2 respectively).

I also sat and talked with Leanne for an hour or so yesterday while she was hosting a rather empty open house. Which was a relief, seeing as that meant we could chat un-interrupted. It was great. She's hilarious, and even offered for me to stay at their place if I ever needed a sanity break. Everyone seems to be offering that these days. I feel special.

It's kinda overcast here. It's really nice. Very Oregon-esque. All I need is my parents, best buds, and no sheep. Then it would almost seem the same.


I remember some more useless info!!
I get to go to a Tupperware Party on Tuesday. *gigglesnort*
'Kay, I'm done. Seeya!

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