Monday, March 24, 2008


I love Google. I really do. It's preeeetty useful, I think.

Especially when my OCD kicks in and I decide to obsessively research on something I probably wouldn't give a second thought to at any other time.

We checked out a house today- it was just amazing.

I'm pretty excited about this place- Both of my grandparents have been showing great interest in it, and the view is just breath-taking. It's set on a plateau, over-looking a humungo vineyard.

Faculty meeting tomorrow at 9, and I'm stuck doing homework at the front desk while they talk 'bout law. Which is really pretty interesting to me. It was a blast to study back at West Sylvan (i.e., the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of different nations, and amendments to the law)

But whatever. I'll survive.



Clint said...

Google? And you were worried about no computer time. Love you boo!

EnZed~ said...

Yes. Google.

I love you too, Daddeh. Btw, the flight's been delayed until about the thirteenth of April. Unfortunately.