Saturday, March 29, 2008


Sorry for not posting yesterday. We got home late, and I was sleepy. So I kinda forgot.

We're going to Disney Land. Teh Happiest Place on Earth.

Finished two courses. Just ten more to go. Rachel and I went to the Special Needs School that she works part time at. She wanted to introduce me to the kids there.

Went to one of the grandparent's friend's restaurants. It was so busy, it ended up being a two-hour meal. But it was sooo worth it.

And then this morning, we went to Hep-Set cafe. I got one of the worst sugar-rushes in my life, and it's still not wearing off. The culprit? An iced chocolate that turned out to me a ginormous sundae with cookies and choco sauce in it. And a muffin. And my grandpa's latte. Yum. But the latte didn't give me sugar rush. Just the uber-sundae. Eh-heh.


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