Saturday, March 29, 2008


Sorry for not posting yesterday. We got home late, and I was sleepy. So I kinda forgot.

We're going to Disney Land. Teh Happiest Place on Earth.

Finished two courses. Just ten more to go. Rachel and I went to the Special Needs School that she works part time at. She wanted to introduce me to the kids there.

Went to one of the grandparent's friend's restaurants. It was so busy, it ended up being a two-hour meal. But it was sooo worth it.

And then this morning, we went to Hep-Set cafe. I got one of the worst sugar-rushes in my life, and it's still not wearing off. The culprit? An iced chocolate that turned out to me a ginormous sundae with cookies and choco sauce in it. And a muffin. And my grandpa's latte. Yum. But the latte didn't give me sugar rush. Just the uber-sundae. Eh-heh.


Thursday, March 27, 2008



So, for starters, lemme give you the low-down schedule for the trip back to the US.

4/1 - 4/5
Balboa/Glendale, California

Evening of 4/5 - 4/11
Portland, Oregon

Genoa/Reno, Nevada

Portland, Oregon


4/24- possibly 12/15
Napier, New Zealand.

So yeah...


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Uber Update!!


We've got the initial idea of our flight hooo-oome!

We leave on the evening of April 1st for good ol' Newport Beach, California. We'll be there for a few days, and then....

Either to Oh-ray-gun! Also, Rachel (my tutor) will be coming with us. She's never been to the States, and woooah man. She's excited! So, apparently, I'm going to be taking her to Disney Land. And show her the awesome-ness that is Portland, Oregon.

We fly back to New Zealand from LA on the 24th, so we've got a nice amount of time to be in the States, and I plan on using that time well (i.e., get together with Sammi, Rae, and Kali, and chitty-chat with my mum and dad.)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008



91%, 94%, 89%, 90%, and 96% on my first five tests. That's a 92/100 average. Sweet.

I'm pretty happy with myself- keep up this pace, and maybe it'll be less then five months for all of my work, huh?

Just kidding. I highly doubt I could pull that pace.

But yeah... we're going to a Tupperware party. Hurrah. Oh, the ecstatic joy.

Not much else to say.


Back from the Tupperware thingee... wow, that was weird. We played bingo and stole stuff from people. I like that kinda bingo.

I won a portable salt/pepper shaker. It's pretty sweet. And Carol (the hostess) made this really yummy spinach dip stuff that was made outta soup. It was soooooo goooooood.

Right... I should be getting to bed now. And it's only nine. God, what's happening to my late-night tirades? I'll doodle a bit to make the guilt go away. Hehe.



Monday, March 24, 2008


I love Google. I really do. It's preeeetty useful, I think.

Especially when my OCD kicks in and I decide to obsessively research on something I probably wouldn't give a second thought to at any other time.

We checked out a house today- it was just amazing.

I'm pretty excited about this place- Both of my grandparents have been showing great interest in it, and the view is just breath-taking. It's set on a plateau, over-looking a humungo vineyard.

Faculty meeting tomorrow at 9, and I'm stuck doing homework at the front desk while they talk 'bout law. Which is really pretty interesting to me. It was a blast to study back at West Sylvan (i.e., the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of different nations, and amendments to the law)

But whatever. I'll survive.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


I like 'em. They're yummy and fruity and and fall into your face if you don't eat 'em with a spoon. Woohoo!

I should probably figure out the schedule for this shenanigan (hehe, funny word), but it would help if my grandparents even knew their own flight pattern! (*nudge nudge**elbow elbow*).

But in general, it goes something like this-

NZ 3/18-4/1
America? Sometime in April. I hate, hate, hate! Vague plans. Which I'll need to get used to.
NZ again until sometime in August/September.

Poopy. (Fear my oh-so-mature and dirty language)

We went and saw Kees and Joss today again. And I had a smoothie. It had a bunch of purple-ish bubbles. Grandparents also went to a Jack Johnson concert last night (definitely not my preference) and I went down the street to Scottie and Gill's house. They've got three adorable little boys. Jack, Lachie, and Thomas (Almost 6, 4, and 2 respectively).

I also sat and talked with Leanne for an hour or so yesterday while she was hosting a rather empty open house. Which was a relief, seeing as that meant we could chat un-interrupted. It was great. She's hilarious, and even offered for me to stay at their place if I ever needed a sanity break. Everyone seems to be offering that these days. I feel special.

It's kinda overcast here. It's really nice. Very Oregon-esque. All I need is my parents, best buds, and no sheep. Then it would almost seem the same.


I remember some more useless info!!
I get to go to a Tupperware Party on Tuesday. *gigglesnort*
'Kay, I'm done. Seeya!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

And then there were Crunchies.

Still sunny on the Eastern shore. Me an' Grandma are having some iPhone complications, trying to get the pictures onto the computer from the phone. I've taken so many nice photos, but we've gotta download some stupid whatchamacallit for 20$ (US) before we can get the photos onto the computer. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

But we went to Kees and Joss' little cafe, ZiggZagg, for breakfast today. I could only focus on the milkshake. It was goood. Ran into some friends (Rowan and Alice) of the grand 'rentals while we were sitting there, sipping our wee lattes and shakes. Besides that, we've been all over town, doing grocerie shopping (Nutella- yum) and errands (ant killer. It makes the buggers fizz).

Might I mention, that my mum'll be back home next Thursday? I'm ecstatic about it. I can't wait to hang out with her and my dad. It's been more than a month since I've seen both of them alone. I've also got plans to spend time with Sammi&Rae.

I'll think of something more to write about later when I'm at Scottie and Jill's house. They have a herding dog named Finn, and woah, man. She is one smelly doggy. Kinda like Sika, for those of you who know how bad Sika can smell. I'm sure everyone wants to know this.

Chat later,

Friday, March 21, 2008

5 o'clock somewhere~


Guess who just finally got her lazy butt outta bed? Yours truly, of course! I think this is a record for me being able to catch-up timewise. Woo. It's almost one-pm. Went shopping yesterday with the grandparents, and probably would have bought out the store in all of it's Crunchie products if I could have. We got Crunchie ice cream, Crunchie cookies, and of course- the Crunchie Bar. Deliciousness that has only ever graced the mouths of Kiwis. Chocolate on the outside, and honey-flavoured sea-foam candy on the inside.
<-- Crunchie Bar

But anyways- I cleaned up my room in record time (not like it was dirty or anything- just putting away clothes). Every thing's all nice and organized. We hung up my button-up shirts and jeans, and both kinda realized at the same time that I have some sort of obsession with grey tones. Not like that wasn't obvious, but it was kinda funny- then I went all OCD and lined everything up from lightest to darkest. Not like you care, but hey- It's a blog. I tell you stupid things, and you read it.

So, as of last night, I have officially had one of the weirdest conversations of my life. So, you know how the planes have little, 1ft-by-1ft lavatories? Well, when you first get on the plane, they're all nice and clean. On the other hand, when you get off.... ugh. Gross-o. Especially when you're sharing the plane with approximately 350 other people. Grandma and me started discussing this, and then I ask, "Where does it all go?"

I'm sure all of you are fascinated by this.

She pondered this for a moment before replying, "It goes into... the atmosphere."

Which would be totally disgusting, but apparently is partially true. It goes into a holding tank that gets cleared out after the flight, but also, freeze-dried lumps of brown and blue stuff has been known to fall out of the sky, and onto unsuspecting victims. Whoops.

But otherwise, I'm going to go eat my Crunchie bar. Sammi, you better reply to my letter soon. Katina, don't make me kill you.

Seeya, peeps.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Not really. It's a little past three pm here in sunny Napier, New Zealand. Yay.

Which means that back in good ol' Oregon, it's a wee bit past seven. Hm.

Last night (Tuesday for the US of A) we finally boarded our planes from Las Angeles to Auckland at about 10pm. Before hand, though, we hung out in the LAX/ANZ lounge for a few five hours or so, sipping coffee and eating sandwiches that seem to magically restock themselves when you aren't looking. An upside to this, (kinda) is that my grandparents are frequent fliers. In short, they've got a lotta flyin' points. The more you fly, the more points. The more points, the easier it is to get upgraded into fancy, super classy Business Class seats, right smack in the front of the plane. 'Cause, you know- we pay more, we should be able to escape first if the plane crashes.

Just kiddin'.

But really, though- On the way back to America, I'll take some pictures of those snazzy chairs- they've got pull-out TVs, complete with a choose-your-own iPod playlist. Suh-weet. The food wasn't as great as the chairs- ohh, I'm liking those chairs. After that, we raced with all of the other people who booked their flights to closely together, and managed to escape the rush-hour Kiwi traffic, making it in time to our 45-min flight from Auckland down to Napier. I'll put pictures of everything up eventually.

Landed in Auckland, and then went down to Napier. You can see 'em, right? Napier is on the Eastern coast.

Other than the sixteen-plus hours of planes flights and a holy crapload of turbulence (a given when your flying the Pacific), my day's been pretty good. I feel so nice and clean after taking a shower. A very loooong shower. My room's set up, and we're scheduled to meet my tutor after Grandpa gets back from his meeting with Adam and co.

There's also sheep everywhere. Millions. They will eat me.

Love ya peeps. Miss ya.