Tuesday, March 25, 2008



91%, 94%, 89%, 90%, and 96% on my first five tests. That's a 92/100 average. Sweet.

I'm pretty happy with myself- keep up this pace, and maybe it'll be less then five months for all of my work, huh?

Just kidding. I highly doubt I could pull that pace.

But yeah... we're going to a Tupperware party. Hurrah. Oh, the ecstatic joy.

Not much else to say.


Back from the Tupperware thingee... wow, that was weird. We played bingo and stole stuff from people. I like that kinda bingo.

I won a portable salt/pepper shaker. It's pretty sweet. And Carol (the hostess) made this really yummy spinach dip stuff that was made outta soup. It was soooooo goooooood.

Right... I should be getting to bed now. And it's only nine. God, what's happening to my late-night tirades? I'll doodle a bit to make the guilt go away. Hehe.



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