Friday, March 21, 2008

5 o'clock somewhere~


Guess who just finally got her lazy butt outta bed? Yours truly, of course! I think this is a record for me being able to catch-up timewise. Woo. It's almost one-pm. Went shopping yesterday with the grandparents, and probably would have bought out the store in all of it's Crunchie products if I could have. We got Crunchie ice cream, Crunchie cookies, and of course- the Crunchie Bar. Deliciousness that has only ever graced the mouths of Kiwis. Chocolate on the outside, and honey-flavoured sea-foam candy on the inside.
<-- Crunchie Bar

But anyways- I cleaned up my room in record time (not like it was dirty or anything- just putting away clothes). Every thing's all nice and organized. We hung up my button-up shirts and jeans, and both kinda realized at the same time that I have some sort of obsession with grey tones. Not like that wasn't obvious, but it was kinda funny- then I went all OCD and lined everything up from lightest to darkest. Not like you care, but hey- It's a blog. I tell you stupid things, and you read it.

So, as of last night, I have officially had one of the weirdest conversations of my life. So, you know how the planes have little, 1ft-by-1ft lavatories? Well, when you first get on the plane, they're all nice and clean. On the other hand, when you get off.... ugh. Gross-o. Especially when you're sharing the plane with approximately 350 other people. Grandma and me started discussing this, and then I ask, "Where does it all go?"

I'm sure all of you are fascinated by this.

She pondered this for a moment before replying, "It goes into... the atmosphere."

Which would be totally disgusting, but apparently is partially true. It goes into a holding tank that gets cleared out after the flight, but also, freeze-dried lumps of brown and blue stuff has been known to fall out of the sky, and onto unsuspecting victims. Whoops.

But otherwise, I'm going to go eat my Crunchie bar. Sammi, you better reply to my letter soon. Katina, don't make me kill you.

Seeya, peeps.


Sammi said...

ew crunchie stuff sounds gross.
You silly kiwis

Rae said...
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Rae said...


You lucky person you! You might turn into a crunchie bar! What then?!

Sammi said...

If she turned into a crunchie bar I would eat her. Because she would be a delicious Crunchie- even though they sound gross- is this analogy getting anywhere? XD

EnZed~ said...

That was just the slightest bit strange sounding, but I think I just might understand. But I wouldn't be a very yummy Crunchie bar- I'm too mean.

Sammi said...

X3 I'm a werido X3
But crunchie sounds gross anyways. Bring me one to try so you can try to prove me wrong

EnZed~ said...

Don't worry, I will. I got you guys Easter chocolates, too. X3

btw, have you mailed that letter back yet? D:

Sammi said...

Sheesh, Finally you get me something for a holiday XD

And no. I have not *will prolly send it after cosplay so I can send pics*

EnZed~ said...

Aw, okay. *sniff*

And I'm sorry I haven't gotten you guys anything- I can't shop for people. Unless it's chocolate. But then I worry that it's the wrong kind of chocolate. D:

But then again, I've made it a habit to buy you and Rae stuff every time we go to a place that sells something. lol.

Beth said...

You should check out Hokey Pokey ice cream. Mmmm. (It's Beth Morey, btw. Hiya!)

EnZed~ said...

Hi Beth!

And we've got Hokey Pokey ice cream. It's sooo good....