Thursday, March 20, 2008


Not really. It's a little past three pm here in sunny Napier, New Zealand. Yay.

Which means that back in good ol' Oregon, it's a wee bit past seven. Hm.

Last night (Tuesday for the US of A) we finally boarded our planes from Las Angeles to Auckland at about 10pm. Before hand, though, we hung out in the LAX/ANZ lounge for a few five hours or so, sipping coffee and eating sandwiches that seem to magically restock themselves when you aren't looking. An upside to this, (kinda) is that my grandparents are frequent fliers. In short, they've got a lotta flyin' points. The more you fly, the more points. The more points, the easier it is to get upgraded into fancy, super classy Business Class seats, right smack in the front of the plane. 'Cause, you know- we pay more, we should be able to escape first if the plane crashes.

Just kiddin'.

But really, though- On the way back to America, I'll take some pictures of those snazzy chairs- they've got pull-out TVs, complete with a choose-your-own iPod playlist. Suh-weet. The food wasn't as great as the chairs- ohh, I'm liking those chairs. After that, we raced with all of the other people who booked their flights to closely together, and managed to escape the rush-hour Kiwi traffic, making it in time to our 45-min flight from Auckland down to Napier. I'll put pictures of everything up eventually.

Landed in Auckland, and then went down to Napier. You can see 'em, right? Napier is on the Eastern coast.

Other than the sixteen-plus hours of planes flights and a holy crapload of turbulence (a given when your flying the Pacific), my day's been pretty good. I feel so nice and clean after taking a shower. A very loooong shower. My room's set up, and we're scheduled to meet my tutor after Grandpa gets back from his meeting with Adam and co.

There's also sheep everywhere. Millions. They will eat me.

Love ya peeps. Miss ya.

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Sammi said...


I miss you.. more than I can say.

I'll snail-mail you sometime